in the material world no. 2


oil on canvas

130 x 190 cm


snakes and ladders

l​ife is an unwinding street,
seemingly simple and smooth,

yet with an occasional

scare of a cat’s tail:
a strong force of wind,

a struggling stagger,

an unexpected porthole,

a crease or a small pebble,

no matter what,

i will continue to walk 

and watch the world evolve:

front stores gradually growing

into majestic skyscrapers.
a metaphorical representation

of urban opportunity:
which building must i climb next?
so many ladders to grab on

that will lead up to

so many right angles.
but also so many chances

to lose, that will hunt

and suffocate like

a slithering snake.

i will walk further up,

my weak knees will buckle 
but still, i'll go on,

there will always be snakes,

there will always be ladders.


- tt. n 2018

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