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'Lines' drawings 


from 15x21cm to 21x30cm
pen, lipstick, felt-tip on paper

In ‘Lines’ series, Tia-Thuy Nguyen focuses on the use of lines in drawings to retain her obsession with spontaneous moments and improvised angles of herself. The way Tia observes her own body is similar to that of a painter who studies a landscape, or a musician who dissects a melody.  Curiously, she analyzed the changes in her own body over time. This series is almost minimalist; showing her very strong drawing skills, by giving life to two-dimensional figures with the use of simple lines. The strokes somehow remind the audience of powerful chinese calligraphy, applied on the refinement of movement and posture of the delicate female body. With ‘Lines’, Tia learns how to accept and nourish the contours of her own body, to enjoy the shapes its form much like a gardener who cultivates his dear land, freely and generously. The figures appear nude, but the message is not just sensual. On the contrary, her drawings suggest diverse energy and different possibilities of nudity; giving women the freedom to move and to speak with their own voice.

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