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details of the site-specific

installation 'Silver Room'


silver, stone, wood,

bamboo, white quartz,

rope, paint

1,620 x 1,490 x 600 cm

courtesy of Château La Coste

private collection (Provence, France)

images courtesy of Pham Anh Huy

the rays beneath

as you enter the art

of the silver room,
most tend to climb upstairs,
where the main exhibit is.
but if you take

your time to go down

below where the footsteps

are echoing

through the bamboo.
the soil underneath

is just as exciting
to the ordinary eye

- puzzling
nothing special,

only a layout made by the sun
peeking through the wood above.
look closer, every single

ray of the sun
is different in shape
in length, even width
similar at first,
unique within moments
it is art on its own,
the art made by nature
an honorary decoration
to accompany the main room.

- tt.n 2018

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