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details of the site-specific

installation 'Silver Room'


silver, stone, wood,

bamboo, white quartz,

rope, paint

1,620 x 1,490 x 600 cm

courtesy of Château La Coste

private collection (Provence, France)

images courtesy of Pham Anh Huy

scattered smiles


taken back in time,

where all space

is wiped out

from under my feet,

back in nature

where my toes dig

into the raw soil of the earth,

and i breathe in the fresh air to clear out my dusty, tired lungs.

i smile.

above me, the ceiling is splashed in marvellous colours.

each one saturated in a light-hearted memory

i smile,

as the warm rays

of the sun stretch out to hug my face,

dropping the light,

one by one

in a delicate lineup.


i smile.

- tt. n 2018

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