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details of the site-specific

installation 'Silver Room'


silver, stone, wood,

bamboo, white quartz,

rope, paint

1,620 x 1,490 x 600 cm

courtesy of Château La Coste

private collection (Provence, France)

images courtesy of Pham Anh Huy

the outer mind

in a room full of people
and sunlight
we all stand alone,
in a state of grand awe,

shock, fascination,

confusion, depression, 


as the world swims by.

second by second,
minute by minute, 

oh how can

we feel so alone

in a big crowd,

at an exhibition,

in the midst of art, 


we still stand

so still,
and obsessed.

with the inner conflict
of the outer mind:


forgetting to pay,

the most expensive price,

of attention.

- tt. n 2018


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