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urban fest no. 5


oil on canvas

160 x 160 cm



the day of glory
September second,

honour, dignity, and justice.
the day when the people were released

from cages of control,

bitterness and suspicion.
the day of freedom.
people swarming all over the roads,

crying with joy,

a sound accompanied by the honking of cars, the roaring of motorbikes.
the red flags fly in the air, gracing the ever-busy street,

all over the country.
but what is the Vietnamese flag to the people?
to some, it is a symbol of victory,
and so the flags hang in the air, the breeze illuminating it with an air of joyous pride.
to others, it is an event that has been embroidered into our tradition.
to some it is a miracle to live on, to wake up to every day.
to some, it is a distant memory, a past moment in time.
the realization that they are unrestrained.second of September.

- tt.n 2018

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